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Postural Education

Yin Yoga

Yellow Ball Magic

Partner Yoga

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Private yoga sessions are available by appointment.

With a skillset that includes: 10 years as a professional massage therapist and myofascial bodyworker, anatomy teacher, writer, and her current status as a student in her final year of school for a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture Medicine; Hannah has a fundamental understanding of the body as an integrated unit, a space where emotions, muscles, fascia, neurons, and nutrition all come together to create health.  Posture informs our emotions and mental/emotional health is reflected in our posture.  Our physical form and our emotions are not separate; with attention on the connection between them, we can access and unlock deep places of pain, insecurity, and loneliness; transforming and integrating them into a sense of wholeness and wellbeing that fuels lasting warmth and connection in our lives.

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Postural Education & Self Care Bootcamp - 

As we age and spend much of our day stuffed into chairs and stuffing down what we actually want to say, posture is the perfect reflection of the state of our minds and it’s the key to long term health.  Here is a chance to receive a comprehensive and customized education on ‘the issues in your tissues’.  Hannah uses yoga, fascial release, and postural retraining to teach the basics of your underlying anatomy, as it relates to structural principles, your emotional patterns, and postural function/dysfunction.  Uncover the fundamental principles of posture and pain, movement and mechanics, and how they relate to your unique mind-body connection, bringing insight to your chronic physical and emotional pain patterns and how they are formed and reinforced.  

Hannah can help you to create a custom, self care plan to maintain and rehab your specific, nagging postural issues which will release you from pain and offer greater ease, alignment, and grounding everyday. 

 Yin Yoga -

Yin Yoga is a deep, dynamic asana practice which targets the 'Yin' tissues of the body: the connective tissue (fascia). ligaments, joints, and bones. In Yin Yoga, our primary goal is to use moderate 'loading' of the joints and fascial lines, exercising the yin tissues of the body, rather than exercising or stretching the muscles.

This practice can help to dramatically improve the energy systems of the body, as well as encouraging flexibility, elasticity, and resiliency in the joints and bones. It is a practice of surrender, designed to work deeply into the fascia & the joints to encourage awareness, elasticity, and deep tissue hydration.

It is a great practice to find the calm in the storm, to give your fascia a workout, and to give your attention a calming, focused exercise in accepting the world as it comes. Use this practice to serve as a compliment to your yang (muscle-based) practices and enjoy the added meditative benefits of the long held postures. 

Yellow Ball Magic - 

This is a stress free class where we lay over the Magic Yellow Ball in strategic patterns to facilitate a dynamic connective tissue release. Hannah Lynn shows you how to use this deceptively simple prop to apply pressure in just the right way to affect deep, postural change in your body.

By strategically targeting spots of common postural tightness, we maximize the benefit of the ball. This is an important way to empower you self-care practice and will give you more awareness & confidence in addressing your own injuries, aches & pains, and chronic postural conditions. Plus, you'll feel great!

You will leave feeling like you just got the best massage of your life and it's empowering because you can do it yourself. 

Yellow Ball Magic will give you more awareness & confidence in addressing your own injuries, aches & pains, and chronic postural conditions. Plus, you'll feel great! 

Partner Yoga Therapeutics -

Partner yoga is a dynamic play practice which will take you deeper in your posture, while working you in integral themes in how you relate to other people.  Through partnered practice with another you cultivate skills such as: listening, silence, surrender, touch, trust, and grounding and learn how to utilize these skills in relationship with yourself and others. 

Partner yoga is for singles, friends or lovers interested in a fun way to create greater connection in your life.

Clients come to partner yoga to cultivate an exquisite sense of body awareness, confidence, compassion, and comfort with touch. To that end, Hannah Lynn has developed several partnered series using familiar yoga poses. When partnered, inversions offer much deeper spinal therapeutics and balancing poses serve to connect you with others as well as your sense of alignment.