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Yellow Ball Magic: Save Your Psoas

Discover the magic of the Yellow Ball as Hannah Lynn shows you how to use this deceptively simple prop to apply pressure in just the right way to affect deep, postural change in your body. By strategically targeting spots of common postural tightness, we maximize the benefit of ball. Yellow Ball Magic is a studio class; it is exceptionally appropriate for beginners and those with injuries as we spend most of the time on the floor. 

This Tuesday, we are focusing on treating the Psoas, a hot-spot of tension in the deep front line.

The Psoas is a major mover of the hip and leg and provides a crucial function of splinting when the lower back is injured. (Which is often why this muscle gets a bad rap.) Most members of industrialized cultures need lengthening of this particular postural muscle. When it is restricted, it causes chronic hip flexor shortness and compression in the lumbar spine.

I'll show you how to safely access and treat this portion of the deep front line, releasing compression in the lumbar spine and pelvis and freeing your legs to move with dynamic, resilient ease.

You will leave feeling like you just got the best massage of your life and it's empowering because you can do it yourself. 

Yellow Ball Magic will give you more awareness & confidence in addressing your own injuries, aches & pains, and chronic postural conditions. Plus, you'll feel great!