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Yellow Ball Magic: Pain-Free Pelvis

  • Bearfoot Yoga Center 6 4th Avenue Bay Shore, NY 11706 USA (map)


Yellow Ball Magic


Learn how to address the Issues in Your Tissues...

with the art of therapeutic pressure and self fascial release with Hannah Lynn.  We will learn how to use props such as yellow fascial balls, tennis balls, rolled up yoga mats, blocks, neck supports, and other props to apply pressure in just the right way to affect positive change in your body. This is an important way to empower your Self-care practice and will give you more awareness & confidence in addressing your own injuries, aches & pains, and chronic postural conditions.  Plus, you'll feel great!

Pain Free Pelvis!

Pain Free Pelvis is a class where we focus on treating the fascia or connective tissue of the pelvis and hips. Hannah will guide you through a fascial release series that addresses the major movers of the hip and pelvis, primarily the external rotators, glutes, and piriformis, and down the IT Band to invite space and ease into the hip joint and lower back.


This treatment will help to release compression in the hips & lumbar spine, and free up the pelvis and legs to return to a state of dynamic, resilient ease.


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