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Breathe with Ease, Cultivating Sanity Through the Holicraze

  • 126 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (map)

Breathe with Ease is a workshop style class where we'll be exploring opening the ribcage and breath. First we'll dive into the technical end, examining anatomy books to learn the mechanics of the three-dimensional movement of the ribcage in breathing and how the breath directly influences the quality of your nervous system.  Then we'll take it to the floor, discovering the ease of a deep, rich breath through a fascial treatment that feels a lot like a healing massage.

You'll leave with a sense of increased lung capacity, a greater ability to move your ribs, and the empowerment of being reminded that you can affect your own nervous system to help you chill out when the times feel tough. 

This class is exceptionally appropriate for beginners and those of you with injuries, as we'll spend most of our time in relaxing positions on the floor. 

*This is a free class, located in the Studio of Athleta Flatirons.  Be sure to get there early to enjoy some complimentary snacks AND a very special exclusive shopping deal!  Shop, Connect, and Practice. *

Reserve your spot here on MindBodyOnline, Athleta Flatirons.