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Yellow Ball Magic: Free Your Sternum @ Bearfoot Yoga Center

  • Bearfoot Yoga Center 146 E Main St Bay Shore, NY 11706 (map)

Yellow Ball Magic is a fascial fitness class designed to work on the issues you didn’t even know you had. It’s a dynamic, slow practice where we use the Magic Yellow Ball (4 inch, yellow) to access, balance, and unwind the body at the deepest level of fiber and fluid. What looks like a bunch of people lying around on balls is actually what many students reflect to be ‘like the best massage they’ve ever had.' Experience instant pain relief, deep tissue recovery, and profound postural shifts all while gaining a deeper awareness of the inner landscape of your body. 
This class is appropriate for those with aches and pains, injuries, scar tissue, and especially for those of you who think you don’t need it at all!

Free the Sternum - a profoundly empowering and effective chest opening treatment that provides therapy and relief for a whole host of upper body issues. In this class we position ourselves over the ball, on our bellies, in such a way that the chest and the space underneath the collarbone begins to open. This creates a tractioning effect that moves up the neck, stretching and releasing the brachial plexus (a major intersection of nerve pathways, blood vessels, and connective tissue structures between the upper limb and the central nervous system.) Experience a new understanding of the movement of your sternum during breathing and enjoy the many benefits that come from opening this crucial area of the body. 
This class is recommended for anyone who suffers from: neck or jaw pain, headaches, restricted breathing, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, numbness or poor circulation in the hands, issues with the thyroid/salivary glands/lymph nodes, sinus congestion, or general sense of anxiety, tightness around the throat, or difficulty speaking your truth. 

This is a workshop class, $25/person.