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The Human Stance 101: Postural Core for a Vertical Axis

  • The River Space at Yoga Mountain Center (map)

Why do we have neck pain and back pain? 

Why is it so difficult to sit up straight? 
Why do we always end up back in our slumped posture? 
How can we get a serious injury from sneezing or reaching for something? 
What does "good posture" even look like? 

Your answers to these questions and so many more are here!

This is a practical, educational series where we learn the difference between a core muscle and a prime mover, the functions/operations of core muscles, what "postural neutral" means, how to "see" posture in the body, and how to find and activate your core muscle system. We learn, in detail, each of the seven major muscles in the "postural flute," including: the pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, diaphragm, psoas, multifidus, serratus anterior, and the neck "abs."

Finding your Core Muscle system will help you improve the efficiency of ALL movements and will reduce your risk of soft tissue injuries (strains and sprains).