Praise - 


What I remember about my first class with Hannah was watching her move and thinking, "I want what she's got.”  Hannah brings it; and she gives it.



Hannah is the most in-tuned yoga instructor I have ever met. She has such a dynamic understanding of the body and how it works. She offers her expertise and guidance as you craft your own practice in a judgement-free zone. She truly has a gift for teaching! 

  • Molly 


I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years. There are a number of poses that I did not understand until I attended Hannah’s classes.  

  • JB


"Hannah's Core Series provides not only thoughtful, guided exercise and awareness, but also a real education on the importance of one's posture, breathing, muscles, and energy that create one's core self and extend to all parts of the body. I walk away from each class feeling like my body has been reset and refreshed!”

  • Courtney


"My sessions with Hannah have changed my life. I came to her after trying so many other options (physical therapy, massage, chiropractic) and running into walls with each option. I was literally unable to turn my head left or right and after several sessions, things are loosening up and moving better than they have in years. Hannah's vast knowledge of different techniques, her understanding of body mechanics, her experience with yoga, and her passion for her work all come together to help create a solutions that work for your body and your life."  

  • CBS


"Hannah Lynn's class is an experience.  As someone who spends most my time going harder and farther and faster and heavier, I found the thought of participating in a Yin Style class intimidating.  Hannah gracefully introduces her expertise in a way that helps the body and more importantly the mind settle.  Almost as if she intuitively knows how to make the need to go go go, dissipate only to reveal some underlying desire of the body and/or mind.  Hannah's knowledge of the human anatomy in incredibly extensive.  Her massage background gives her an intimate understanding of how our tissues respond and what their needs might be as she works you towards a restorative place.  Her energy is relaxing and fun.  She is able to educate as she instructs which is something I value in an instructor."

  • Cady


"Hannah has helped transform my body. For over ten years I lived with chronic lower back pain resigning myself to the fact that it was "just middle age creeping in". Her yin yoga classes became the highlight of my week. They weren't easy, but her reassuring, encouraging and meditative style was just what I needed to help me relax and push my body in the best ways possible. Along the way I learned a lot about myself and what my body needs. This woman knows her stuff. Embedded into her classes are wonderful lessons about our physical anatomy and the interconnectedness of our physical and spiritual selves. One class with Hannah and you will be hooked. Oh...I no longer have ANY lower back pain."

  • Carolynn Stockwell


"When it comes to the body you are in great hands with Hannah Lynn. When working one-to-one there is attentive listening, in depth explanation, patience, and guidance. We worked on myofascial release in the leg region, and with the combined explanation and practicing the exercises there has been a steady difference. Where I once had continued ache, especially during sleep, that ache has subsided and become much less. I am becoming more cognizant of movement. Hannah Lynn's passion for healing, clearly comes through."

  • Christine K


Hannah's work is great. She is a good listener and modifies her style to meet your needs. She also is open with recommendations and guidance. Feels good!  

  • KHB


Awesome work, Hannah. I appreciate the depth and breadth of your knowledge of the body.

  • DD


Absolutely amazing as always.... Hannah understands the human body so well..... And she is just an incredible person to be around.... Thanks!  

  • PR