”Touch is food & movement is food.

We live in a starving culture.”

– Tom Myers


After spending more than 10 years as a practicing massage therapist and yoga instructor, this is the most powerful truth I have come to know: Touch is food.


I practiced professional massage therapy for over 10 years and along the way, I studied every bodywork modality I could find. From deep tissue and structural integration, to cranio-sacral work and mayan abdominal massage, what I ended up learning was that it was far less important what “technique” was applied and far more important that the person was simply touched with intention.


In my personal life, I experienced a parallel journey: I explored many different styles of relationship and sexual practice, desperately trying to get enough. What I ended up discovering, over and over again, was that the sex wasn’t really what I was after… it was the touch, the delight of fingers trailing gently over my skin, and the comforting sensation of being held, allowing my heartbeat to synchronize with another’s.

Touch is a birthright. Touch is medicine. Touch is a celebration.

When it comes to a professional cuddle session, the magic lies not only in the nourishment of compassionate human touch, but in the opportunity to explore communication and consent about how we like to be touched and what our boundaries are in any given moment.

My personal energy is naturally very grounded, slow, nurturing, and sometimes playful! I’m queer friendly and disability friendly. Because of my background in teaching partner yoga, I’m apt to offer unconventional cuddling positions such as laying on the sacrum, hips, thighs, etc. I find these alternative cuddle positions to be both therapeutic and fun.

I’m comfortable with myself and I’ll be comfortable with you too. There’s no need to perform, our session is a place to take off all of the masks you wear during the day, slow way down, and drop in: to yourself and the connection between us.




  • The session begins when you drop me a line to schedule an appointment. You can fill out my contact form below or email me directly at: DaoDeHannahLynn@gmail.com.

  • Please take the time to introduce yourself and to request a specific date and time when you'd like to have a cuddle.

  • Please note, I require a 50% online deposit for all first time appointments.


  • I’m available to host at my professional space in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

  • I’m available to come to you. I do charge additional fees for the time and expense of traveling to your home or hotel in the New York area. ($20/30 minutes of travel)

  • Sessions start at $100/hour, with multiple hour bookings available too.


  • I require a 50% online deposit for all first time appointments

  • I take cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.


  • The environment I provide in Midtown West is fairly den-like and includes: a clean, pet-free environment, relaxing lighting, a padded cuddle area with plenty of pillows, non-scented candles, & optional: sage/incense and music.

  • Water and access to a bathroom are always available.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Cuddlist Code of Conduct.

  • Pack appropriate clothing (jammies, stretchy pants, comfortable shorts & a tank top or T-shirt).


  • On the day of our cuddle session, we’ll start with a brief check-in and a communication regarding consent which will allow both of us to settle in and get comfortable with each other.

  • Then we get to explore the spectrum of consensual, non-sexual touch – together.

  • Relax and enjoy!


Are you ready to book yourself some vital Vitamin-T (Touch)?

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